Aurélie Coune

I Hello, my name is Aurélie Coune, and am 47 years old. I live in Belgium with my family. I am a Yoga teacher, and I have been working in a nursing home as a specialist educator for fifteen years now. I give classes to the elderly, which is an extraordinary experience. I also offer Yoga classes to groups of adults, and in schools where I meet adolescents and young adults to talk about meditation or Yoga practice in general. I also love to teach yoga workshops in nature.I have recently had the chance to study Vedic chanting, and I must say that when I associate it with practices, my students are very touched by the sound.

Three years ago, my Yoga trainer Philip Rigo introduced me to Dr Kausthub Desikachar to persevere in the study of myself.

I remember my first experience very well! It was very striking because, in the presence of Kausthub, a lot of emotion appeared. Nevertheless, it did not destabilize him, and he recommended my first yoga practice. I felt a strong faith on his part, so I invested myself assiduously in the Yoga practice he offered me.

I continue to see him every time he visits Brussels as well as see him online. I also went once to Chennai, where I met him at his school. Each time according to my evolution, he adapts my practice. The encounters are always profound, and I am surprised as the connection is beyond the distance and retains all the qualities of taking into account my relevant personal situation.

Also, for the question of gender, sure he is a man, but I always feel free to express my experiences and even about topics that concern the intimate female life.

This ongoing work with him is a real transformation path I have the feeling of living today daily much more in harmony with my person. Just because it is very powerful, it does not mean that it is always easy, and it happened that I am exhausted or in loss of confidence sometimes. Yet, Yoga teaches me to stay focus, to rest, to be alive more subtly, not to make tons of it or to push myself when it doesn’t work!

Kausthub is an extraordinary healer who has not only both experience and knowledge but also is supported by a family environment rooted in a tradition. His style of communication is clear, and so funny sometimes. Anyone who wants to heal himself from the evils of life, to gain freedom will find in him an excellent mentor.

At least I feel in the right place with the right person!

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