El Salvador

Carmen G Martinez​


My name is Carmen G. Martínez. I currently live in El Salvador, Central America. I run a project called Nuestro Yoga, through which I teach yoga in workshops, group classes, online, individualized therapeutic classes.

I started studying with Kausthub about four years ago, in 2016, when he told me that a bird needs to fly because it was made for it, meaning I have to follow my true nature. He reminded me how I was only putting one excuse on top of another to avoid developing my true potential. I took the course of Viniyoga Therapy Training, and since then, I am one of his students.

I feel so privileged to be a student with Kausthub. He shares the profound tradition of yoga from his heart and experience, not from books and theory. He is a very smart, sharp and special human being. Also, I really enjoy his sense of humour. His teaching of Yogasutras and Yoga philosophy is touching and practical because of the way he communicates.

I feel very respected as a woman and as a human being, learning with Kausthub. We have had deep and confident conversations, and I have revealed profound doubts about life, spirituality and my own dharma. He has always been incredible, comprehensive, kind, respectful, sensitive and supportive. I am truly grateful.

What I find challenging is that my Sanskrit pronunciation is weak, and he is rigorously correcting me. But I guess it is one of the points I have to work the most.

I will definitely recommend students to study with him if they are seriously committed to the learning of deep yoga.

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