Shining Star

Shining Star Distance may separate our proximity, but it cannot come between our intimacy, because you are my shining star, wherever I am, there you are. out of sight, out of mind, that is for people of another kind, because you are my shining star, wherever I am, there you are. memories fade with passing

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Dharma Buddy

Dharma Buddy You are my partner in dharmadharma supports the worldworld that is mostly blindblind eyes need to openopen to the wisdom of the heartheart speaks the language of lovelove that inspires and furthers our visionvision projects the potential in youyou are my partner in dharma. Share this post Share on facebook Share on twitter

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Meant To Be Forever

Meant To Be Forever As our lips lock in a timeless kiss,an electric feeling shimmers through my spirit,as the tongues continue exploring each other,I realize that we are meant to be forever.As our palms grasp each other, ever so gently,a sense of support nourishes my soul,as our clasping hands continue to tether,I realize that we

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Breathe Love

Breathe Love you breathe love into my life life gets better with every passing day day is filled with memories of joy joy abounds when you are by my side side that is positive and filled with love love makes me listen to your heart heart whispers the name of my love love is the

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