Grazia Suffriti


My name is Grazia Suffriti.  I am Italian, but I have spent the last 25 years living in the north of Spain teaching Yoga, primarily individual and therapeutic classes. I also run a Yoga School with my colleague Victor Morera, teaching Yoga Therapy to Yoga teachers in different cities of Spain. My deep love is for the Yogasûtra-s of Patañjali that I teach online and in face-to-face seminars.
I met Dr Kausthub Desikachar during the first seminar on the Yogasutra he conducted in Austria, in 2008. I had studied Yogasutra before, but that was the first time I felt these ancient teachings so close, practical and understandable. He is the best Yogasutra teacher I have ever known! And he is the only teacher that could answer any doubt that a western yoga teacher could have on Yoga.
Since 2008, Kausthub has been my teacher and mentor until today. With his help, I have learned how to progress in my personal path of Yoga, and how to accompany the students of Yoga at every level they are, especially with health problems.
He makes no difference of gender, race, age, culture and religion, treating anybody as a human being. So as a woman, I feel very comfortable to share with him all my feelings and experiences.
The challenges I faced, were at the beginning of my Therapy Training, as I felt I had to demonstrate my sincere commitment to study in this tradition.
Any yoga teacher that wants sincerely to connect with one of the oldest lineages of Yoga has to study with Kausthub Desikachar.  

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