Mila Nesterova

My name is Mila Nestarova, and I am from Russia. I am based in Moscow, Russia, which is my hometown and teach and work here. 
Since the age of 4, I was part of a professional dance company touring around the world with concerts and festivals for many many years. I was well trained in working with the body. Later I found out that yoga, even though it was never called that, is a foundation for all ballet training as well, so I was quite familiar with many asanas from a very young age.
Since I remember myself, I always was very spiritual, intuitive, curious about subtle energies, mysticism and exploring consciousness beyond matter. 
I came to meditation first through Buddhist practices, also tried different yoga classes here and there mostly hatha-yoga till finally after attending one yoga and meditation retreat in Bali I realized that I want to learn more about yoga. 
This brought me to the Indian cultural centre in London, where I lived at the time. I met my first Viniyoga teacher Vidhi Sadana there, who introduced me to Kausthub Desikachar and told me about coming yoga teacher training in Chennai. 
Everything was happening suddenly and unexpectedly. It was my dream to come to India! At the same time it sounded like a massive commitment as yoga teacher training was a two-year program and I was not really planning to become a yoga teacher back then, just wanted to learn a little bit so I can practice by myself.
But I guess the passion took over and so I went. This was the year 2015. 
Back then, I didn’t know much about Krishnamacharya tradition, but somehow It all felt right.
After graduation, I realized that I couldn’t keep all that I learned just for myself and started teaching and sharing it, especially since I saw such incredible results in my own life with it all.
It’s been indeed a life-changing experience for me ever since the beginning! All the teachings, as well as all the personal practices given to me, helped me immensely on my healing spiritual journey and path of self-discovery. 
It opened so many doors and opportunities, of which I couldn’t even dare to dream before. It was just feeling like all was falling back into place how it supposed to be, perfectly. 
The practices Dr Kausthub Desikachar gave me, really helped me to nurture all my hidden potentials so they can grow and develop and enabled me to become more confident about myself and who I am. 
I feel so blessed, and I sincerely want to recommend Kausthub to anyone curious about yoga, healing, self-empowerment and self-discovery. 
Kausthub is an amazing teacher, guide, mentor! He is giving so much support and care. The amount of knowledge he possesses is just mindblowing. He also is a genius in delivering it with clarity, simplicity and his particular sense of humour and such amazing energy that you can’t not be touched and inspired by it! The studies are structured in such a way that it is easily understood by anyone, no matter the level of experience of the student! 
I always feel very open to sharing with Kausthub all experiences I go through as I know I will never be judged and can get the best support whether it is through given practices or through communication, or both. 
For me what is also very important is to be in a community of likeminded people, to be able to share this beautiful journey together – this is also what yoga and especially Viniyoga is all about. Heart to heart connection to yourself, people around you and the whole creation around us all. This is what Dr Kausthub Desikachar is also so good in creating. A safe community where people can express and connect heart-to-heart.
I currently continue my studies of Vedic chanting in India with Menaka Desikachar and Yoga Therapy in Brussels with Kausthub. And somehow I still feel like this is only still just the beginning of exploring about yoga, about life, about our incredible Universe. 
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