Bali, Indonesia

Nina Praharni

My name is Nina, and currently, I live in Bali, Indonesia. I am a yoga instructor/teacher, lifetime student, as well as an urban farmer. I teach both in the studios and one on one sessions regularly, at the same time, I am creating a sustainable concept of living through growing foods and its educations here in Bali. I love to serve; it makes my life purposeful. 
I met Sir Kausthub Desikachar at Jakarta November 2017 for a two days workshop. I joined the workshop because I was interested in the subject in the workshop. As soon as I saw Dr Kausthub Desikachar walk into the room with zebra stripe pants, I knew I wanted to study with him. I find that he is very brave to be himself and not to try to portray to be a “Guru” with some stereotyped outfit. For me, apart from the enormous knowledge that he carries, his authenticity was the big reason. I want to study with someone who is true to themselves. My interest leads me to the workshop, my heart leads me to the teachings, and Kausthub allowed me to experience the profound teachings. I very soon joined his Yoga Teacher Training Program in India. 
My experience studying with Kausthub was beyond measure. Besides being fortunate to be with wonderful classmates, the whole two year- long term program was something that I can say “a transformation”. Everybody is very supportive, and it is incredible to witness that as you transforming, your fellow teacher trainees also transforming. Before this training, I did several training programs. But nothing like one that Kausthub and his team created. It does not only give you so many valuable information, but also allows you and guides you to experience it. It has transformed my relationship with myself. Also it has transformed my practice into something more subtle. It has opened my heart. I am humbled and touched deeply by the love of our teachers and friends, because of this I can safely experience the whole process, I can cry, and I have shoulders to lean on and arms to hug, ear to listens without being judge. 
I personally feel safe to discuss any concern about women issues with Kausthub. He addressed any issues with respect even if its a very sensitive subject. I understand that it is tough when we are dealing with deep emotions, old traumas that everyone may carry. He is very sensible and aware of these things and able to give feedback, advice, thoughts as safe as he can. 
As a woman, I am an emotional being, and he has always given emotional support when it is needed. He is my teacher, but also he can be my friend, he respects the boundaries without creating a  gap. I think it is important to be honoured and vice versa, like in any relationship, it always both ways.
I would definitely recommend others to study with Dr Kausthub Desikachar. It depends, what they need and what they want to gain. Kausthub has an understanding of Yoga in the traditional manner, but also how to adapt it to the western-educated audiences. He is creating the bridge between the two without disregard the value of its original teaching. He is aware of different cultures and values that every student from different countries has. It is also an opportunity to learn and study directly from the lineage of great teachings. In a personal level, Kausthub is honest and direct, but also very compassionate and caring, an excellent teacher.
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