Renate Schwarber


My name is Renate Schwarber, and I live in Switzerland. I’m a yoga teacher in the Viniyoga tradition. Yoga has been part of my life for almost half of my life.

For several years I have had my own small yoga studio, “Yoga Mandira” in the Winterthur, where I live. I teach yoga in group classes, private lessons, and now I’m also started to teach individualized therapeutic lessons. I travel to India very often because I feel very connected to the country, the culture, and the people.

During my training as a yoga teacher, Dr. Kausthub Desikachar came to Switzerland for the first time in 2010, to conduct a seminar. I was so excited to meet Sri T. Krishnamacharya’s grandson. This seminar was so extraordinary to me, and I noticed immediately that his knowledge came from such a deep source and are rooted in an ancient tradition. From then on, my wish was to become a student of him. So I started to participate in his online Yogasutra course in 2013 and continue it without interruption to this day. I have done a lot of other online courses with him and also attended many face-to-face seminars in Switzerland and Germany.

At a seminar in Dusseldorf, in 2018, he motivated me to participate in his upcoming Viniyoga therapy training. That was my best decision in the last few years. So I started my training in Brussels in 2019. Now I am definitely a student of his, and he is also my mentor.

I am fascinated by how well Dr. Kausthub Desikachar can deal with different people, even in large groups. He is very compassionate and also looks behind people’s facades. That is very impressive. He is never judgmental and has a great sense of humor.

The profound conversations I have had with him after my father’s death, have touched me very deeply.

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is always very respectful and empathetic to me. As a woman, I feel very safe and can discuss all my problems without hesitation or reservations.

There are always personal challenges when one is on a spiritual path.
I also have to deal with my own dark side, that’s not always so easy.
But I couldn’t think of a better teacher than Dr. Kausthub Desikacha with whom I can discuss any such matters. He’s always there for me.

I would recommend Dr. Kausthub Desikachar to all teachers and students who want to understand yoga from the bottom up, and who don’t just want to be taught theory.

I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to be a student of Dr. Kausthub Desikachar.

Yoga is a heart-to-heart relationship. That’s is so with my teacher and mentor, Dr. Kausthub Desikar.

For that, I thank him very warmly.

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