Runhild Persensky Giving Testimonial- Kausthub Desikachar

My name is Runhild Persensky Giving, and I live in Norway. I am a yoga teacher for the past three years and have held a weekly therapy class for a group with various rheumatic diseases for the past 1,5 years. I recently completed my Viniyoga Therapy Training and have started to offer one-to-one therapy sessions.

I first met Kausthub at his Viniyoga Immersion in Oslo in the year 2017, and immediately felt a heart connection to the Krishnamacharya tradition. I was fortunate to start my Viniyoga Therapy Training with Kausthub in India just a few months after the initial meeting.

I had been on a search to improve my health for years, had recently changed direction workwise and was still a bit lost in space. Over the years, I have worked with several great coaches and health professionals. The holistic approach that Viniyoga offered was unique, and it was a “one-stop-shop” to the valuable tools I had been introduced to. These included mantras, asanas, pranayama, dietary advice, only at a much deeper level, and to so many other tools (visualization, meditation, philosophy, etc.).

Now, more than three years since my first meeting, I am at a much steadier, stronger, more balanced and content place in my life. My health is well, and I have clarity on my journey. More than anything, it has been lifechanging and extremely rewarding. The training modules have been intense, exciting, and each module has built on the previous, taking us deeper within the teachings.

Being part of an international group, with more than 20 nationalities and cultures in class has given so much added on fun and valuable learnings. Kausthub has so many students worldwide, and he still manages to see each one individually. The three-year duration of the Viniyoga Therapy Training allows for deep practice and integration between each module so that we really walk the talk.

As a woman, I have always felt very safe with Kausthub, and that he holds space for whatever concerns I have had at the time.

The Viniyoga Therapy Training and my journey with Kausthub have at times been challenging, especially facing my shadows, letting go of illusions and defence shields. Like any process, it requires time to shed through layers and at times I have felt frustrated in “not being further on the journey” only to have eyeopening moments sooner or later.

I strongly recommend studying with Kausthub to anyone seeking to dive deeper on their spiritual journey or who wants to study Yoga from the source. Kausthub treasures honesty and teaches us to listen to and live by our hearts.
Kausthub holds incredible knowledge in the Viniyoga tradition. He applies this knowledge to the modern-day context with a great sense of humour. It is my experience that he holds space for and truly sees and supports each of his students’ potentials.

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