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Sarah Ryan​


I am Sarah Ryan, and I live in a village in the southwest of England. I have loved yoga since 1970, and have studied in the Viniyoga tradition since 1987. I teach yoga and Vedic chanting, in classes and to individuals.

In 2005 I did not have a personal teacher. I asked Kausthub Desikachar if he would be my teacher because I trusted him and his knowledge of yoga, and I felt that he was someone I could be honest with, and he would be honest with me.

Since that time I have done many courses with him, the longest of which was the yoga therapy course. Every time I listen to him teach, my knowledge and understanding of yoga deepen. Kausthub has an instinctive feeling for yoga, and he brings to it his own understanding and reflection. Just like his father and grandfather, he teaches from the heart.

The most important part of my relationship with Kausthub as my teacher, however, is his help with my personal development. Sometimes I think it isn’t so much the practices he has given me, though they are beautiful and have helped me a lot, but the things he has said, which have made me reflect on my habits and patterns of behaviour, and which have helped me to change.

As a woman, I have always felt able to discuss anything I wanted with Kausthub.

Kausthub does challenge me sometimes – but I need it! It is so easy to stay within one’s comfort zone. Kausthub doesn’t let me – nor would I want him to.

I would recommend Kausthub as a yoga therapist to anyone. I would recommend him as a teacher only to those who are sincere in wanting to further their spiritual journey because I don’t want his time to be wasted.

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