Shall Wait

It is hard to be patient with feelings of love,
as the waves of passion, carry me to a very wonderful place,
yet I shall wait patiently until that moment in future,
as it seems like the best way now to deal with this case.

As I see my heart struggle endlessly with my thought,
patterns from the past, begin to reincarnate,
I thought I had dealt with these forever,
but how wrong I was to assume this fate.

With our love as an ally, I gather all my strength,
and decide to leave aside the patterns of hurt,
I see that it’s not easy, as it is a journey of pain,
but for your sake, I will definitely cast aside this dirt.

My delicate heart, can never cast you away,
as this would mean that I would have to kill all of my soul,
please don’t ask me for this as your gift,
as it is my wish to remain with you as a whole.

I shall wait patiently, till the end of time,
even if it means that death beats me in this race,
for my life seems more full, with you in my dreams,
rather than remove you forever, from my sacred heart space.


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Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is the successor and current lineage holder of the classical Viniyoga tradition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar. He is an acclaimed yoga teacher, yoga therapist, healer and spiritual adviser. He is also an avid photographer, inspirational writer and poet.

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