Silence Hurts

The instant you declared your feelings for me,
my heart stopped beating lub-dub-lub-dub,
instead it’s been whispering your beautiful name,
but I try to keep it silent with a most gentle rub.

The time we had together, fused our souls into one,
so that every time I see you, I only see my self,
the kisses that we shared, left deep impressions of love,
if only we could let our little secret, come down from the shelf.

As I wake up each day, I constantly remember you,
knocking at the doors of your lovely heart space,
but as you don’t respond to my repeated calls,
I gently retreat back, to maintain some grace.

My mind gets frustrated, and wants to try again,
but my heart tells me to shut up, and give you some time,
I wish I could fast forward to a moment in the future,
to that moment when we both can stop this silent mime.

I know you are there, as you know I am for you,
but it hurts to remain silent, and let feelings suppress,
these words that I write, shall stand the test of time,
through which my love for you, I shall deeply express.


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Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is the successor and current lineage holder of the classical Viniyoga tradition of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar. He is an acclaimed yoga teacher, yoga therapist, healer and spiritual adviser. He is also an avid photographer, inspirational writer and poet.

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