Silvia Hendarta​


I am Silvia and am a yoga teacher based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I teach yoga training, group yoga classes, and also individual yoga classes.

I first started studying with Kausthub Desikachar back in 2017, when he came to Jakarta the first time for a 3-days workshop. There I realized I found a teacher who has amazing depth and breadth and decided to further my study with Kausthub.

I participated in a 2-year Viniyoga Teacher Training in 2018-2019 in Chennai led by him. It provides a well-rounded foundation and framework of understanding yoga & applying it in my teaching. I’m looking forward to taking part in Yoga Therapy Training for further study with Kausthub Desikachar. 

During this Coronavirus Pandemic, Kausthub offers training online and, I’m grateful that I can continue to study with him despite the situation (not able to travel, etc.).

In the beginning, I find it difficult to remember and to understand many concepts, and often in Sanskrit too! But as I continue, the more I appreciate how Kausthub can present challenging and complex ideas in a way that students with a diverse background can grasp.

For those who want to understand the deeper aspects of yoga, the real yoga, I really recommend studying with Kausthub.

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