Xia Yuyi


My name is Xia Yuyi, and I am from China and am currently 29 years old. Before my yoga journey, I work on some projects related to art and design, such as interior design, food photography etc.

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma when I was 18 and received mainstream western cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, CIK bio-immunotherapy.  After I finished with all of these treatments, I completely collapsed, both physically and mentally.

I often describe these treatments as “fighting a war,” but for a cancer patient, the real challenge is not “fighting a war,” but “rebuilding after the war.”

I started “rebuilding” when I was 20 years old. After three years of traditional Chinese medicine, I gradually developed my understanding of healing – that just visiting a traditional Chinese doctor or acupuncturist will not work unless I myself was fully engaged in the healing process. So in 2014, I began to study Chinese medicine, psychology and started to explore what I wanted to do.

I met Kausthub at the end of October 2018. Prior to that, I had been exploring yoga for one year at that time. Still, I was very disappointed, not only the teaching itself but also the motivation of the learning, and I felt that this was definitely not what yoga was supposed to be.

I clearly remember how excited I was at Dr Kausthub Desikachar’s first class. The teaching was like something was already inside of me, and he was the one who said it out loud. It was a profound sense of resonance, and this is where my exploration started.  

Studying with Kausthub is an exceptional experience. It’s like you’re not learning from a teacher sitting on a podium. But instead from a humble and real human being.  The teaching is always presented in different circumstances, suitable to the student in front of him. 

I remember on the fourth or fifth day of yoga therapy training module, most of the students began to feel sleepy and tired. Especially after finishing the first few days of long teaching and practice, it was hard on the students. Next morning at nine o ‘clock, he came to class with a very, very colourful suit. All of the students were surprised by him and look at him with widened eyes, and it gave renewed energy to them. 

He is very humorous, and everyone was laughing. No matter how heavy the energy is, he quickly replaces it by a lighter one through his magical ability full of wit and sensitivity. 

Inspired by him, I learned how to interact with myself and the world through not just yoga, but also lifestyle. Like changing my clothes to suit the mood. To be humorous and have fun. 

It is a learning experience as well as a personal experience.

As a woman, I feel reassured and safe with him that I can communicate with him of all my feelings, including my traumatic sexual experiences in my childhood. The respect is always there when we talk about this topic. I feel this kind of open talk has been critical in my healing, perhaps even more important than the techniques which I learned. 

I will definitely recommend studying with Dr Kausthub Desikachar, as I feel that Viniyoga is the most comprehensive system I’ve ever met, be it as a healing process or a spiritual evolution.

I have also written this poem to express my journey with him. I call it “From self to SELF.”

Don’t be
whether it’s love
Or lose

Don’t be
too comfortable
that little discomfort
is the space 
where the transformation happened

Be honest
whether it is desire
or emotion
from the honesty
go beyond
with strength 
and courage

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