Vidhi Sadana

I am Vidhi Sadana, who lives in London,  United Kingdom. I am a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Researcher.
I first met Dr Kausthub Desikachar in 2012, when I suffered from an autoimmune disorder and received Yogatherapy practices from Kausthub that totally transformed my life for the better.
My experience with Kausthub has been transformational. The practices he gives are so potent. As a yoga mentor, he guides you in a path that allows you to discover your true potential. My transformation has taken place BECAUSE I feel so safe with him and I trust him completely.
As a women student, I feel incredibly safe and secure with Kausthub. I have been in enclosed rooms with him on numerous occasions for my mentor sessions, and NOT ONE single time did I feel vulnerable or unsafe. My transformation has taken place BECAUSE I feel so safe with him. His views on women and the empowerment he gives to us is a welcome relief from the narcissist, male chauvinistic people that I interact with daily.
Working with Dr Kausthub is not always easy, and sometimes can be challenging. The challenges are the ones that originate in me as a result of the practices given my him. He has a quality of allowing you to see yourself clearly by being an honest mirror in the form of a mentor. And sometimes the reflection in the mirror isn’t always comfortable. But it is needed. 
I would absolutely recommend anyone to study with Dr Kausthub Desikachar, but do not expect it to be a sweet ride. He will give you what you need in the moment, and that may not always be fluffy stuff.
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