Gabriele Brückner


My name is Gabriele Brückner, and am a Viniyoga teacher and Viniyoga-therapist. I live near Munich, Germany and teach five group classes and a few individual lessons per week.

I started studying with Kausthub in 2001 when he was the first time in Germany along with his father TKV Desikachar. I participated in the seminar they conducted together, and that was the beginning.

For me, Kausthub is very clear and easily understandable. He is deeply rooted in the ancient texts and follows the teachings of his father TKV Desikachar and grandfather T Krishnamacharya. He touches my heart.

Since I know Kausthub over a long time, I feel safe enough to discuss also special women issues. But my favourite is to practice with Mantra, and he fulfils this need. Because I am not so young anymore, the inward journey is crucial for me. I also appreciate the effect of the practice and that I’m motivated to do it. I’m fully satisfied.

The only challenge is that I cannot speak to him in my mother tongue, German, which would make me express my feelings more easily.

I would strongly recommend others to study with him because the practice changes life in a positive direction.

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